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Medical Freedom News — General

Paul Driessen, “The Crisis of Integrity-Deficient Science”, July 8, 2017
Vin Armani, “The Vin Armani Show – Lyn Ulbricht”, May 8 2017
Susannah Cahalan, “Medical studies are almost always bogus”, May 6 2017
Author Unknown, “Studies comparing vaccinated to unvaccinated populations”, May 3 2017
Erin Elizabeth, “An Open Letter to Legislators Currently Considering Vaccine Legislation from Tetyana Obukhanych, PhD in Immunology”, May 1 2017
John von Radowitz, “Popular belief that saturated fat clogs up arteries is a myth, experts say”, April 26 2017
Elizabeth Zimmermann Young, “Mayo Clinic researchers demonstrate value of second opinions”, April 4, 2017
Author Unknown, “FDA Implementation of the Compounding Quality Act”, March 16, 2017
Erin Elizabeth, “ABC: Holistic Doctor Found Dead In His Natural Health Clinic, Police Investigate as Homicide”, March 4, 2017
Hank Schultz, “Despite GOP legislative control, active industry engagement still critical, trade groups say”, November 9, 2016
Josh Long, “CRN, NPA Call FDA’s Position on Vinpocetine ‘Unprecedented’”, November 8, 2016
Stephen Daniells, “Ten things to change about DSHEA”, November 4, 2016
Katie M. Palmer, “Are You Ready to Swallow A Pill Full of Poop?”, November 2, 2016
Author Unknown, “Sen. Hatch Urges FDA to Withdraw Vinpocetine Dietary Supplement Notice”, October 26, 2016
Michael Crane, “Will Hemp CBD’s Regulatory Controversy Help or Hurt Its Future as a Supplement Ingredient?”, October 17, 2016
Vicki Batts, “Cancer researchers don’t want a ‘cure’, they would lose billions”, August 23, 2016
Dr. Joseph Mercola, “CDC Executive Resigns After Being Caught Colluding With Coca-Cola to Salvage Soda Market”, July 12, 2016
George Zapo, “Mothers Taking Acetaminophen Are More Likely to Give Birth to Boys With Autism, New Study Finds”, July 11, 2016
Elisa Lala, “Emails between Coca-Cola industry advocate and CDC director point to possible political sway”, June 30, 2016
Carey Gillam, “Beverage Industry Finds Friend Inside U.S. Health Agency”, June 29, 2016
Karina Shedrofsky, “Study: Americans spend billions on non-conventional health approaches”, June 22, 2016
S. D. Wells, “The 10 most popular websites that consistently LIE about important health topics”, June 22, 2016
Ken McCarthy, “The GMO Fraud”, June 21, 2016
Press Release, “Orrick Successfully Defends Boiron in False Advertising Suit”, June 16, 2016
Bonnie Eslinger, “Calif. Jury Finds For Flu Remedy Maker In False Ad Trial”, June 16, 2016
Bill Sardi, “We Can’t Afford To Cure Cancer”, June 7, 2016
Sara Talpos, “The Amish Understand a Crucial Thing about Modern Medicine that Most Americans Don’t”, May 30, 2016
E.J. Schultz, “Pom Wonderful Loses Bid to Challenge Deceptive Ad Ruling”, May 2, 2016
William A. Wilson, “Scientific Regress,” First Things, May 2016
Adam Rubenfire, “FDA compounding enforcement draws ire from Congress”, April 19, 2016
Pascal-Emmanuel Gorby, “Big Science is Broken,” The Week, April 18, 2016
Indigo Rebel, “Atrocious State of Cancer Treatment in the U.S.”, April 9, 2016
University of Toronto, “Is a popular painkiller hampering our ability to notice errors?”, April 8, 2016
Aaron E. Carroll and Austin Frakt, “How to Measure a Medical Treatment’s Potential for Harm”, February 2, 2015
Dr. Nancy Malik BHMS, “Lives saved by Homeopathy in Epidemics and Pandemics”, January 23, 2013
Author Unknown, “The Latest Cancer Con – How Some Cancer Charities Dupe Donors”

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