John Doe #1 v. Sam Reed, Washington Secretary of State
(defending the anonymity of traditional marriage referendum petition signers against possible retaliation by pro-homosexual activists)

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Pro-homosexual activists sought to force the public disclosure of the names of those who signed a petition to add Washington State Referendum 71 to the ballot.  Proponents of Referendum 71 sought to prevent this disclosure, arguing that signing a petition is an exercise of the signers’ First Amendment rights.  CLDEF filed an amicus curiae brief defending the anonymity of the petition signers, who were certain to receive harassment for their support of traditional marriage, as guaranteed by the freedom of the press.  The Supreme Court ruled in favor of disclosure of the names of the petition signers.

CLDEF Amicus Curiae Brief (March 4, 2010)

SCOTUSblog Case Page

Oral argument (April 28, 2010) transcript

U.S. Supreme Court Opinion